Saturday, August 11, 2018

Stonewall Jackson's Way two scenario 1 (GCACW)

My friend Lawrence was away for 9 months and so I've had no FTF gaming for awhile.  Finally put that to an end today.  Our last game nine months ago was Stonewall Jackson's Way 2 and so was our first first game now that he is back.

The setup for the game.  Stonewall has to take Culpepper and has three days to do it.  The first day no unit can go past 2 fatigue (normally you can go as high as 4) and no force march allowed.

End of turn 1.  The CSA gets the first Victory Point - they need 13+ to win and Culpepper is worth 9 if the CSA owns it, 16 if no US units are adjacent.

The map at the end of turn 1.  Sorry for the glare.  Jackson's forces push aside the US cavalry screen but lose precious time doing so.  Meanwhile the CSA Cavalry kills off the US cavalry.  Other US units move to slow down Jackson's march tomorrow.  The unit just above Culpepper had a special rule - unable to do anything on turn 1.

End of Turn 2.  CSA now has 7VP, the US took a beating this turn.

Jackson Marched into Culpepper on the second activation.  The CSA won the first two so the US did not get to move.  On the first activation the screening forces were destroyed and on the second he marched into Culpepper pushing out the US forces in the city.  With losses as they are the US has to cause CSA losses to bring the VP total back down, if they can win a couple battles they can get a minor victory.

End of the game.  Jackson won the initiative and attacked Banks and failed!  All CSA forces went to fatigue 4 AND the CSA had lost 3VP in the attack.  The USA is in striking distance of winning now.  Pope tries a grand assault twice and fails each time.  Banks tries a Corps assault and also fails.  The game ends with a minor CSA victory.
It was good to get a game back on the game table after 9 months.  Looking forward to the next game in September!

Sunday, August 5, 2018

MBT Learning scenario 1

Played a learning scenario of MBT with Charles via Vassal.  Looking forward to more of this and Panzer as well.  A solid game system but when the shooting starts things get ugly quickly.

The setup.  The US at the top and the Soviets at the bottom.  The 4VP hexes (circled) are each worth roughly one tank loss.  So if one side takes them and the other does nothing that side wins.  Normally it boils down to whoever gets the most kills.

End of turn 1, both sides heading for the leftmost two VP hexes.

The US gets off the first shots (they won the initiative roll).  Next game I will suggest using the alternate Initiative procedure where you only activate a platoon at a time - it makes losing that first roll less catastrophic.  In this case 7 US tanks destroy 3 Soviet tanks before the Soviets get a chance to fire.  If I had noticed the LOS to the other Soviet tanks it would have been worse for them.

End of turn 2.  Like I said it is deadly once combat is joined.  The soviets take out 2 US tanks while the US Take out 2 move Soviets and damage a third.

Skipping to the end now.  Things broke the US way the next turn when they won initiative again.  At the end of turn 5 all of the Russian tanks are destroyed with the US losing 4.  
Looking forward to more of this game, adding in the advanced rules for tanks along with Infantry (and AT Missiles of course) which will also make spotting more important (in this one everyone spotted everyone once we were in range).

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Panzer Scenario 1

Played Panzer Scenario 1 with Martin Lane from the UK Last Sunday and Saturday June 30th.  We played with all the advanced rules and some of the optional ones as well.
The setup.  The line of counters is the edge of the playable area and the objective locations are listed along with the initial setup of the Russian and German forces.

End of turn 1.  Both sides moving into position.
First shot and first blood to the Germans!  A track hit causes a Russian tank crew to bail out!

End of turn 2 and the Russian return fire destroys 3 German tanks (I missed a fourth one down in the woods too, 4 German tanks destroyed.
End of turn 3.  The Germans take two of the VP locations but their losses mean they will have to kill Russians in order to get the win.  So far it is 1 Russian killed to 4 Germans.

Skipping to end of turn 6, the past few turns consisted of lots of firing back and forth with only 1 more dead German tank to show for it.  
End of turn 8.  The Russians move out of LOS of Germans to the "south".  They were in a disadvantageous position and only luck kept them from more losses.  The woods and Hull Down made the Germans very hard to hit. 

End of turn 11 and the game.  Germans conceded after this.  The last Russian tank made a run for cover after destroying the final German tank up "North".  This still left the Russians with 6 kills to 2 German kills and with the Russians now behind cover the Germans would have to move into LOS to get a shot at the Russians and the Russians would be on overwatch waiting for the chance to take the shots.   
I've not played the game for over a year now and was looking forward to it.  Martin and I plan to play more of the scenarios (I'm hoping to play through all of them and the MBT ones as well).  I like the order plotting step and how it is carried out - we also used the staggered initiative which helps to make the single initiative roll not so critical, losing the first one does not mean possibly losing all your tanks due to a single DR not going well.

Finally a nod to how awesome VASSAL is.  Martin is in the UK and I'm on the East Coast of the USA.  Since I like to play in the morning and early afternoon this works out with Martin's playing later in the day.  It would take some long arms to play with a physical board and counters at that distance!

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Fireball Forward! Darkness Before the Dawn

Ran the scenario yesterday for the 3rd or 4th time.  Still managing to mess up some simple rules, Suppression - BAH!, Overruns - BAH!, Close Combat against a single guy - BAH!  (till the last turn that is).  Almost forgot that a 1 on the Malf roll stills need a second roll to confirm it.  It was a fun game the time I forgot that for a few turns, half the guns on the board were malfed.

Table Setup.  Both sides get points for holding buildings, Germans get them for each Panther moved off the board and the US gets them for each Panther Destroyed.

End of Turn 1.  A US Bazooka team takes out a Panther, 1VP for the US!  The square blocks are blinds, the game uses hidden movement but I find it a pain and go with blinds.  Each side gets one dummy blind and one real one for each Platoon.  Works out pretty well but am thinking of going with 2 smaller blinds per unit so they can split up.  I'm also going to be spiffing them up with Allied and Axis symbols on the back sides instead of empty like now.

End of turn 2.  Sorry about the light being bad.  Since this scenario takes place at night perhaps it is appropriate...
Quite a lot going on by the end of this turn.  The Germans are heading off to the northern exit (off to the right) and the middle road is getting congested with dead vehicles.  

End of turn 3.  The Germans take one of the VP buildings!  One VP for them (they get 5 if they capture all three of the buildings off to the right).  The middle road is a death trap for either side.

End of turn 4.  The Germans overrun all the US survivors and the 57mm gun had no luck firing at a Panther.  On the middle road the Germans clear out the remaining US forces

The Germans capture the Farm Complex (off to the right) in a CC with a single US leader (looking through the rules the leader would have to run away even on a draw, oops).  The Panthers on the road hustle off the board, another Panther bogs on the Hedgerow and the last VP building is Close Assaulted by the Germans (US units were pinned after being fired on, another was Broken).  CC ends up as a US win so they hold the final VP building for a DRAW!  US go 6 points for six destroyed Panthers and one VP building while the Germans got 5 VP for the right building complex and 2 VP for the Panthers off the road.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Painted Minis

Finished painting a batch of miniatures.  First batch in a while.  Now that the group down in Florida shows some interest I have the urge to paint again...

First up the UK forces.  These are from the GHQ Glider troop Combat Command.  Now to get a Pegasus Bridge model for them to assault!

Jeeps and FOs

The Gliders, Leaders, MMGs, and others.

Grenade throwing guys (and a rifleman joined up).  I really dislike the grenade throwing guy pose.

SMG guys.  I like SMG guys!
And the early war Polish troops.  This is a mix of the Polish Combat Command and a standard Polish infantry box.

Heavy Squads (they have an LMG on the base).  For games where squad stands are mixed, in Fireball Forward there are Heavy and Regular squads so I use an LMG figure to distinguish.

MMGs and Mortars behind them.  Off to the Right are the ATRs and behind them are LMGs.

Individual Riflemen!  YUP - I play skirmish games in 6mm, you can fit a whole game on half a banquet table easy!

Polish Vehicles and 75mm guns just to the right of them.  I guess I still need to get the obligatory Cavalry...

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Commands and Colors Epic: Mockern

Played this one today with Ken, Danny, and Kinley.  Kinley and I were the French, Danny was the Russians, and Ken was the Prussians.  I did not know anything in particular of the battle other than it was part of Leipzig.

The setup.  My French are in the lower right corner, Kinley's on the left, the Russians top right and the Prussians top left.  The Prussians and Russians get points for moving units off the lower edge of the table and capturing the towns - one in the center, and other near the river, and the big one off to the left about the bottom left of the picture.

End of the game is a resounding victory for French arms!  The Prussians had just taken the town in the center when the French play an Elan! card and manage to activate almost every possible unit on the left flank.  The town was retaken and a Prussian unit or two eliminated while the cavalry (up top with the die next to it) goes on a rampage and eliminates a couple more units.  This puts the French well over the Victory Point cap to win the game.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

ASL mini campaign Broadway to Prokhorovka. Journal 52

Tycho and I played the first four turns of this scenario today.  Tycho is the Russians and I am the Germans.  Once again VASL froze up so I lost the log BUT I am taking screen shots at the end of each turn so I have things to show.

The setup.  The Germans have to get 40cvp off the right edge OR keep the Russians from having an MMC in the red lined area at game end.  I am shooting for keeping the Russians out of the red lined area but will go for the exit win if I see an opening.
End of Russian turn 1.  The spot with the ambush note was the only one where the Russians got smoke - and they tried for it a LOT.  Smoke was effective however and the Russians moved up to my squad in the smoke and into CC.  Getting the ambush I retreated out, I needed those guys to hold the line.  My 9-2 in the building at the top, worthless.

End of German turn 1.  Reinforcements enter the board.  Gun at top should have fired at the blasted Russian MTR since I HATE those things.  On the plus side I rolled gusts so rain started (overcast) and the smoke when away.
End of Russian turn 2.  Russian MTR DMs the gun crew and my MMG group can keep the Russians away.  Pinned and pinned again.  CC ensues and turn to Melee with no one hurt.  Tycho rolled a 3 so rain went away.

End of German turn 2 where my PMC takes a pounding, Tiger was hit on the first shot at it (with a +4 hindrance and motion penalty - snakes man snakes).
Except my own of course.  Although every time I rolled them this game so far it was with a leaderless IFT shot...
End of Russian turn 3.  My Panzer 4 makes up for the Tiger that was killed (well, not really - whine!).  My boys in the building near the top kill off the Russians in CC and the reinforcements he tried to send in Reinforcements but they are pinned in the street.  He also took possession of my 75L gun!  The dirty dog!

End of German turn 3.  German tanks move to engage near the top of the map.  In an exchange of fire no one is hit.  My PZIV down below presses his luck when he didn't need to.

End of Russian turn 4.  SU76s take shots at the Tiger and miss.  Tiger fires at T34 in Defensive and burns it, then turns to fire MGs at the SU76 above (and thus put front armor towards both SU76).  PZIV down below is shocked.

End of German turn 4.  The Riger takes out another SU76 but does not cause it to burn.  The other SU76 turns and fires at my OP tank since it has little chance of hurting the Tiger (could immobilize it or get Snakes - I hate snakes). 
If I had to lay bets at this point I would say the Germans are going to win, but this is ASL and anthing can happen.  For campaign purposes the Russians are currently winning.  The Germans get 5 points for winning the scenario but the Russians get 6 (2 each for the VP hexes).  Both sides get points of some kind for vehicles that are mobile at game end and the Germans might take it on the chin for other losses.  Two turns and two more campaign scenarios left to go...

End of Russian turn 5.  The SU76 gambit to take out my OP tank ends with the death of the SU76, will have to see if the OP tank is gone.

German turn 5.  I calculated that I would need two VC buildings to "win" the campaign day so go after two of them that are in range.  The first is just above the smoke marker in the street - will capture that easily enough.  The second is near the top left and has that pinned Russian in it and my tank next to it.  I moved a bunch of guys up to try and get to it but one got pinned and the others were just out of reach.

End of Russian turn 6.  The T34 repairs his gun and overruns my two groups in the open, nobody can make a 1mc...  So much for that push.  Then a lousy Russian squad makes a PATC and KILLS my tank in CC.  ANOTHER campaign victory point for the Russians.

I get troops into the hex next to the building but the Russian MTR DMs them with a 2mc, game over.  It ended up with 8 Russian VC to 7 German.  
The scenario on it's own would be a German walkover in our opinion since to win that simply requires holding the Red Lined area or getting enough VC off the map.  The red lined area was never threatened by the Russians so that is just not likely.  The addition of losses and those extra VC buildings counting for the campaign should really be made part of the stand alone scenario VC.