Friday, January 11, 2019

Holland 44 Game 2 Turns 1 and 2

After getting creamed in game 1 we started up game 2.  This time not forgetting that Infantry do not get road bonus and low morale units get a shift when attacked.

Allied Turn 1
XXX Corps area.  Unlike the first game the initial attack makes ground (rolled a 2).  Not as good as could be expected but an advance.  The followup attack works as well.

In the 101 area things go well.
Landings go well for the 82 though the unit that lands at DZ-01 (lower left) rolled a 6 and went poof.  Three unknown units are destroyed.

The Red Devils begin the march to Arnhem.  The attack on the SS is stopped by a successful determined defense.

German turn 1

XXX Corps sees Gerry retreat.

In the 101 sector the Germans move up as fast as they can.  They are limited to Tactical Movement this turn.
Some of the 406 enters

The SS move to block the Red Devils from Arnhem.
Allied turn 2

XXX Corps moves to Valkenswaard.  The attack fails to clear the town.  Going to be a slog getting through it now.  Time to bring up the Arty and air power.

The 101 Captures all of Eindhoven.  The Unknown units there all turned out to be 0-0-0 units.
The 82nd makes a try for Nijmegan and are repulsed.  They also leave their Supply Head exposed...

The Red Devils attack the blocking force and push it back.  One unit attacks the Unknown unit at the bridge and eliminates it.
German turn 2

XXX Corps area.  Germans have to retreat here.

101 area.  The Germans nearly surround and attack.  Only getting an engaged result - it is very hard to get a kill in this game.  
The 82nd's Supply Head is attacked and very nearly eliminated at 6 to 1 odds (very lucky Allied player there).  It is whacked around instead and retreats to another unit.  Gerry tries a followup attack and gets an engaged result at 1 to 1 odds.  At Nijmegan another unit shores up the bridge defenses.  It is going to be much harder to pry them out now.

The Red Devils are counter-attacked by the SS.  Arnhem is soon to be cutoff.
Much more historical outcome this time.  I like this game a lot (and the entire line of games using roughly the same system).  XXX Corps is nearly to Eindhoven but if the combat roles don't go well it could be a tough fight getting there.  If the roll this coming turn goes well however they will could soon be at Nijmegan.  Then again I am probably being over optimistic...

Game Over Man! Game Over! (Holland 44 game 1)

Finished up the First game of Holland 44 and started right onto another (next post).

Actually the end of Allied turn 4.

The traffic jam at Eindhoven.  This was due to a terrible first roll attacking on turn 1 and allowing foot units to use road movement rates.  Clearing Eindhoven might have taken the entire game...

Saturday, November 24, 2018

ASL Scenario Schwerpunkt 264

Played Schwerpunkt scenario 264 the Saturday after Thanksgiving and only just got done crying in order to blog about it.  Short blog entry too.  For my first game back after 6 months hiatus I didn't do TOO badly - I did ATROCIOUSLY...  Not even going to whine about bad luck (well, maybe a little) since it was bad positioning that killed me.

The setup.  The Germans have 6 turns to kick the Russians out of the buildings or get 14CVP off the left edge.  It is actually two minor powers but I forget which.  The Allies have 3 Commisars with no negative leadership modifiers but a couple of pistols...

End of German turn 1.  Only took one shot and it did nothing.  An MC caused a little sniper to pin a squad.

Russina Prep Fire.  First (and only) shot with the Art gun is boxcars - I didn't have to feel so bad about the bad placement.  First shot with the MG group did doodly too.  Whine...  Only actual effect from all the shooting was a pin.

End of Russian Turn 1.  Not looking good already.  A 10 morale Commisar breaks from the second attack on his position.  Another MC causes a big sniper to break another Russian squad.

Putting myself out of my misery.  The Germans rolled over my defense and this is the end of German turn 4.  The Russian Commisar did manage to rally but got knocked right back out again and another MC caused another big sniper that took out the middle commisar - if any of those troops break it would be no go on getting them back in the fight.  They did manage not to break for a while however.  A great shot at an adjacent target casued a HOB and the Germans Battle Hardened and generated a hero.  I finally got a sniper and it managed to recall one of the Half Tracks.  Game over after this.  One more movement phase and it would be all over.

Friday, November 23, 2018

Holland 44

Lawrence and I played this one on Black Friday - much better then going to stores!  We did manage to mess up just about every rule however.  Movement rates for infantry on roads, combat column shifts for low morale units, infiltration.  Just a mess.  Fun game however and a lot better use of time then It Never Snows.

The game at start.  XXX Corps Area.

Arnhem and Nijmegan area.
End of Allied turn 1

XXX Corps gets off to a bad start rolling a 1 for an A1/D1.  This will slow up the advance for turns to come, it was the only result that could have caused a step loss on xxx corps and does not allow a follow up attack.  101st goes running around faster then they should due to messing up road movement rate rules.  Gerry would get revenge later by getting units to Eindhoven the same way.

The Red Devils I did not goof up the movement rate, I don't know why I remembered it there but not in the south.  Arnhem is close...  82nd I forgot again, units flying across the map to check for bridges and to attack Nijmegan.
End of German turn 1.  No comments here, kinda lost my mojo after figuring out everything done wrong on this one...

XXX Corps area.

Arnhem sector.
Allied turn 2

XXX Corps 

German turn 2

XXX Corps

Allied Turn 3

Just going to say - STILL not in Eindhoven.  XXX Corps zone.


German turn 3

XXX Corps


Saturday, November 3, 2018

Lock N Load Tactical: Attack of Das Koch.

Played this scenario last Saturday the 3rd (it is the 12th as I write this).  Another fun game of LNLT with tanks added into the mix.  First game online with Bruce who knows the rules well.  Looking forward to more of the game.

The setup.  The Germans have to take the 3 circled hexes by the end of Turn 7, they enter from the left side.

First turn is all movement.

Second turn has both sides shooting with no effects.
First blood on turn 3!  The Germans in D4 fire at and hurt the Brits in C3.  

End of turn 3.  The already shot at Brits are overrun by a PZIV and all but the leader are killed, leader is shaken I think.  If so I have to check and see if that leaves him dead for being alone with the tank.  Tank wanders off to the next hex.  The other PZIV moves adjacent to the Brits in D6 in order to maximize hit potential.

Turn 4 the Brits get their first kill.  After winning initiative and rallying (if he had to, can't remember) the Sarge fires his PIAT and kills the PZIV next to him. 

End of Turn 4.  The squads next to the now activated sarge fire at him (should have just moved in, he was unable to Melee - next time).  The PZIV next to the Brits was taken out in CC, then the Marder overran (might not have been legal, CC gets marked with Melee but no mention in rules about no overrun after melee - just no shooting.  Time to do some reading).  The Germans then moved in and finished off the remainders of the Brits (that would have been a no-go if Melee marker already existed.
End of turn 5.  The Brits take out the Marder, no vehicles left!  Some shots at the Brits followed with a shake em and take em captures the second VC location.  One to go!

End of Turn 6!  The Wounded Brit leader had the decisive skill and put it to use, putting a stopper on the German assault.  One stack shaken but the other OK, sadly the German assault fire had no effect. 

End of turn 7 and the game.  Another mistake could have been the one that cost the Germans the win.  The Shaken squad with the German leader should have gotten the +2 for being behind the hedge to the only known enemy and that would have been enough to rally him.  The German charge at the last VC hex went badly and it is game over with a well played British win.